adj. (older, oldest) (cf. ELDER, ELDEST).
1 a advanced in age; far on in the natural period of existence. b not young or near its beginning.
2 made long ago.
3 long in use.
4 worn or dilapidated or shabby from the passage of time.
5 having the characteristics (experience, feebleness, etc.) of age (the child has an old face).
6 practised, inveterate (an old offender; old in crime).
7 belonging only or chiefly to the past; lingering on; former (old times; haunted by old memories).
8 dating from far back; long established or known; ancient, primeval (old as the hills; old friends; an old family).
9 (appended to a period of time) of age (is four years old; a four-year-old boy; a four-year-old).
10 (of language) as used in former or earliest times.
11 colloq. as a term of affection or casual reference (good old Charlie; old shipmate).
12 the former or first of two or more similar things (our old house; wants his old job back).
Phrases and idioms:
old age the later part of normal life. old-age pension = retirement pension. old-age pensioner a person receiving this. Old Bailey the Central Criminal Court in London. Old Bill Brit. sl. the police. old bird a wary person. old boy
1 a former male pupil of a school.
2 colloq. a an elderly man. b an affectionate form of address to a boy or man. old boy network Brit. colloq. preferment in employment of those from a similar social background, esp. fellow ex-pupils of public schools. the old country the native country of colonists etc. Old English the English language up to c.1150. old-fashioned in or according to a fashion or tastes no longer current; antiquated. Old French the French language of the period before c.1400. old fustic see FUSTIC.
old girl
1 a former female pupil of a school.
2 colloq. a an elderly woman. b an affectionate term of address to a girl or woman. Old Glory US the US national flag. old gold a dull brownish-gold colour. old guard the original or past or conservative members of a group. old hand a person with much experience. old hat colloq. something tediously familiar or out of date. Old High German High German (see GERMAN) up to c.1200. old lady colloq. one's mother or wife. old lag see LAG(3).
old maid
1 derog. an elderly unmarried woman.
2 a prim and fussy person.
3 a card-game in which players try not to be left with an unpaired queen. old-maidish like an old maid.
old man colloq.
1 one's husband or father.
2 one's employer or other person in authority over one.
3 an affectionate form of address to a boy or man. old man's beard a wild clematis, Clematis vitalba, with grey fluffy hairs round the seeds: also called traveller's joy (see TRAVELLER).
old master
1 a great artist of former times, esp. of the 13th-17th c. in Europe.
2 a painting by such a painter. old moon the moon in its last quarter, before the new moon. Old Nick colloq. the Devil. Old Norse see NORSE. an old one a familiar joke. Old Pals Act Brit. the principle that friends should always help one another. Old Pretender James Stuart (1688-1766), son of James II and claimant to the British throne. old retainer see RETAINER 3b.
old school
1 traditional attitudes.
2 people having such attitudes.
old school tie Brit.
1 a necktie with a characteristic pattern worn by the pupils of a particular (usu. public) school.
2 the principle of excessive loyalty to traditional values. old soldier an experienced person, esp. in an arduous activity. old stager an experienced person, an old hand. old style of a date reckoned by the Julian calendar. Old Testament the part of the Christian Bible containing the scriptures of the Hebrews. old-time belonging to former times. old-timer US a person with long experience or standing. old wives' tale a foolish or unscientific tradition or belief.
old woman colloq.
1 one's wife or mother.
2 a fussy or timid man. old-womanish fussy and timid. Old World Europe, Asia, and Africa. old-world belonging to or associated with old times. old year the year just ended or about to end.
oldish adj. oldness n.
Etymology: OE ald f. WG

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